Legendary Wellness Meets Natural Beauty in Costa Rica

Since ancient times, hot springs have been a fabled source for wellness, relaxation and cleansing throughout the world. In Costa Rica, they’ve not forgotten the many benefits and pure pleasures of indulging in thermal baths. The country welcomes visitors to share and discover their own favorite spot and therapy. From coast to coast to coast, from the Northern Plains to the Guanacaste and Central Valley regions of the country, the tropical landscapes and dramatic volcanoes provide ideal settings for a day or a weeklong wellness retreat. 

According to the Global Wellness Institute, there are many benefits to be had by immersing in hot springs, including:

Hot Springs

1. Cut Stress

Visitors who are due for a much needed break from stress, anxiety and preoccupations can bask in the peace and serenity of Costa Rica’s hot springs, which help soothe body and mind. The surrounding lush vegetation and the sounds of nature allow for tensions to naturally slip away, while the thermal waters help travelers feel as rested as never before.

2. Alleviate Sore Muscles

Visitors can relax and provide relief to tired, strained muscles at Costa Rica’s hot springs. Setting foot into these thermal waters stretches away any cramps or discomforts. Further appease muscle pains and inflammations by also taking advantage of the water’s high temperatures and buoyancy.

3. Improve Blood Circulation
Costa Rica’s hot springs can aid in keeping your body healthy and strong. Hot water dilates blood vessels, which increases the absorption rate of essential minerals such as sulfate, sodium and bicarbonate found at certain hot springs. The absorption of these natural-occurring minerals are known to increase blood flow and circulation in the body.

4. Enhance Skin
Unlike treated hot springs, which contain chlorine and may cause irritation, the naturally-occurring hot springs in Costa Rica can improve skin’s quality and condition. The exfoliating effects of the thermal waters result in glowing, younger-looking skin, and the general moisturizing effects hot springs have can make skin feel delightfully softer and smoother.

Of the dozens of hot springs’ spas located in Costa Rica, many feature traditional or modern wellness-related activities including yoga, massages, mud-baths, facials and skin treatments, hydrotherapy and detoxifying volcanic body wraps. Some are family-friendly while others are primarily designed for adults. There are even certain thermal hot springs which offer the opportunity to sit in springs of varying degrees of warmth while sipping a chilled glass of wine—ah, bliss. The country bubbles with day spas and accommodations ranging from eco-simple to eco-luxury. Many offer fitness activities such as hiking and eco-excursions, as well as delicious and healthy locally inspired cuisine prepared with fresh, organic ingredients.

Costa Rica’s legendary wellness is open for business.

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